Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959

Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959

Our Historic Villas were commissioned by Colonel Jack Lapham back when the Flying L Guest Ranch was a “fly-in get away”. The Colonel turned to associates of Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Villas. They designed two sided Villas that were to replicate airplanes when seen from above. Guests would check in and then taxi up to their Villa in their planes.

Wright was known to design low buildings with flat roofs and long, low windows that tied the interior with outdoor nature. The Villas reflect that design. Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American Architect of all time”. We are proud to be associated with such a celebrated American Architect.

The Flying L Villas in 1947


The Flying L Villas Today

The Villas are still here… with a few changes and updates over the years. Today the Flying L Guest Ranch is going back in time, and we are actively restoring some of our historic accomodations, the Bandera Airpark and ranch buildings. In doing so we are using some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite colors on our Villas, as well as most other ranch buildings.

 Covered Wagon – Used on all Villa walls

 Mountain Forest – Used for some Villa doors

 Blue Lava – Used for some Villa doors

 Chocolate Truffle – Used for some Villa trim

 Red Gumball – Used for some Villa trim

The Pilot’s Lounge

The Pilot’s Lounge is also being restored to it’s former glory. This was the main social hub on the ranch back in the day, and designed by the same Frank Lloyd Wright associates.

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