Texas Wildlife

Birding along San Julian Creek is great!

The Natural Beauty of the Flying L Guest Ranch

by Martin Hagne

    I have spent all my life visiting the outdoors as often as I can. I was lucky to have grown up in an undeveloped area of Sweden, full of nature’s intricate ways. Foxes would visit my grandparent’s yard, White-tailed Sea Eagles flew over the coastline, and Polecats scurried along basement rocks. Nature has always been a part of me, and me of nature! I seek out natural spots to explore.

   I often find such spots by accident. When my parents retired and built a home in Bandera, Texas many years ago, I found several natural areas that were tucked away here and there. They built their retirement home on the Flying L Guest Ranch in Bandera… a wonderful Hill Country Resort full of amenities from singing Cowboys to horseback riding, and golfing 18 holes! The resort sits on 500 some acres of Texas Hill Country land. Over 100 acres are undeveloped on the “other side of the creek”. Besides that large area, several smaller spots are also “more natural than not”, like the Ghost Town, and Creekside.

   I have spent countless hours down by San Julian Creek bird watching and enjoying the personal rejuvenation that nature brings. Here you can feel at one with nature. Cross the creek and walk the horse trails on the south side and your surroundings are transformed into a natural environment. Here you walk a typical Texas Hill Country limestone hillside covered in grasses and native trees. Birds flit around you, deer scurry to safety, and life is good!

   Over the years I have accumulated quite a good bird and animal list from the resort property. Since I now live on the property, and work here, I hope to share “our” nature with you. Plans include a labeled nature trail, bird feeding stations, and who knows… maybe a rope bridge across the creek! Come enjoy all the fun activities, the Water Park, S’mores by the fire, horseshoe toss … but don’t forget the natural side of the resort. Let nature take you away from the hustle and bustle for a bit!

Flying L Bird List