Dear Guests,

Howdy, and welcome to the Flying L Guest Ranch!

Whether you’re one of our many return guests or a first-time guest rancher, you’re in for a great time.  There are only three things to remember.

First, relax and enjoy! You’ll find something fun or adventurous at every turn.  Just do the things that you want to do.  We actually get a surprising number of people who aren’t interested at all in the horses but come for all the other resort activities we offer.  But if you do want to give riding or any other activity or adventure a try, and it’s your first time, don’t worry.  We cater to just as many first-time riders (and golfers, and shuffle-boarders, and tennis players) as we do “old hands”.  One of the things guests like the most is the chance to try things they’ve always wanted to try.

Second, don’t hesitate to ask. Guest ranches are different than any other type of place; for guests, it’s often their first visit.  You may not know where dinner will be served or how to sign up the kids for a pony ride.  You’ll find helpful information in this guide.  But every day, be sure to look at the activities board in the main lobby for “today’s special activities and times.”  Someone is at the front desk all day and most of the evening to answer your questions

Third, let us show you a great time.  The difference between a “guest ranch” and a “working ranch” is that at a guest ranch, we do all the work; and the only things we produce here are great memories.

While you’re here, keep an eye out for little surprises around the ranch.  See if you can spot the old Flying L hanger and Pilot’s Lounge.  Note the architectural design of the Ranch’s Villas - the work of an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Walk through five decades of Flying L Guest Ranch history on the walls of the Main House.  Look for our own Boot Hill and Ghost Town.  And wherever you go, look for the Flying L Guest Ranch brand; it shows up in the most unusual places.

We hope you have a great time here and once again, on behalf of our entire crew, welcome!


Susan Jenkins